Simple Photo Bio Reactor Array V.1

I have wanted to do this a project for a long time and with earth day this year it kinda just fit timing wise. Its really a simple and quick build, yet getting the level up in bio-friendly-geek makes this all the more fun. Now I admit that I might be a bit of a closet hippie. But I do believe in making changes so that the poor saps that come along after me might have the world a little less badly off for them. Let’s face it, we kind of effed up the whole earth thing... but watching the rhythmic bubbling in 12 clear pipes with green goo floating in them makes me forget it all.

Now just myself doing this project all alone will have a minuscule effect I realize. But they are cheap enough to build that some variant should be able to be installed in every house hold. The cumulative effect would be far greater obviously. But more over it would have a far greater effect on the environment than not doing it... (Until everyone starts dumping huge quantities of algae down there drains and into our local water drainage, lakes, rivers and oceans.)

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geek score: 9.5/10
Jared Bouck
$200 USD
8.0 Hours
Bigger is better, right?

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